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Ahmed Abdelkhalek, Cura Oceanus Foundation

December 22nd, 2014

Cura Oceanus (http://www.curaoceanus.org) was the topic today with our guest, Ahmed Abdelkhalek.  This Particular Day : December 22nd, he was on with another guest from Forget Me Not Senior Advocates.  The first interview is with Forget Me Not – on the second half of the show – about 26 minutes in: we learn about Cura Oceanus.  Ahmed has been on our show twice, so I wanted to give all of our listeners a chance to hear his first interview on April 21st, 2014 – then the update on December 22nd.  Cura Oceanus’s mission is to identify and remove plastics and other pollutants from the Ocean Environment .  Check out their website. You can donate right on the website or you can join smile.amazon.com and donate when you shop at Amazon – or you can donate your time! They are starting with the Indian Lagoon right here in Brevard County!

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