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Anna Eskamani and Steve Barnes – One Nation, One purpose, Get involved

March 20, 2017

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends, will be another robust discussion about Uniting our Nation, Planned Parenthood, and much, much more.

Our two guests Steve Barnes and Anna Vishkaee Eskamani will join us in the studio to have a great conversation about how to stay involved, stay true to the “good news”, and become an activist for what you believe in and change in our country.

Anna has been a recurring guest on the show and such an inspiration to people of all ages – she is passionate, intelligent, and fights for those who cannot fight for themselves. She works for planned parenthood and has been an activist and delegate from Orlando for many years as she completes her thesis – we will hear all about this busy lady on Monday

Steve is also a fighter for the greater good. A journalist, former candidate for the Florida Legislation, and a passionate volunteer for the greater good – Steve has great insight about Florida and our nation. We will also hear about his recent trip to Cuba.

Plrase join us for another great edition of Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends on AM 1510 WMEL on Monday March 20th fron 1pm to 2pm.

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