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Clifford Mitchem, CREW. Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide


An Article “Borrowed” from Linkedin – Author Clifford Mitchem. (follow him on Linkedin – Great Articles!)

Florida is known as the sunshine state and Southwest Florida gets 266 days of sunannually. So the question then becomes why aren’t more homes and businesses using solar for their power?

Most homeowners would say because of the upfront expense, others say it’s too complicated, and the remaining just never looked at the option.

That has all changed! Clean Renewable Energy Worldwide, CREW, has come to Southwest Florida and we are going to install 1000 solar rooftop installations in each of 10 cities!

Fort Myers    Fort Myers Beach    Port Charlotte    Punta Gorda

Cape Coral    Bonita Springs    Venice

Lehigh Acres    Estero


That is a total of 10,000 installations and it only happens if we all work together. It begins with education about how solar had become affordable, simple, and available. All of that is done with a short home assessment. Together we will change an expense into an investment and provide a green future for our children, community, and state.

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Clifford Mitchem

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