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David Kearns, Candidate for Florida House of Representatives, District 53 and Anna Eskamani, Planned Parenthood


What a great show on Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends on 1060 WMEL. David Kearns, who is running for 2016 Florida House of Representatives, District 53,  is our guest. We find out from David what inspired him to run for the Florida House and what keeps him up at night.

From www.DavidAKearns.com:

My priorities include protecting public schools, improving roads and infrastructure, energy reform, helping small businesses, election reform, expanding Medicaid, looking after our returning veterans, our senior citizens and caring for our environment.

I am dedicated to protecting those who for so long have felt ignored by the political process in Tallahassee they haven’t felt they had the right to adequate representation from someone from here.

That’s why I am running for this community; because I have been living here working alongside my neighbors, whether as a teacher, a soccer coach, a dad, or a newspaper reporter or a student, since the early eighties. I am actually from here. I know what needs to be done, for the people.

Also, on the show we received a great call from Anna Eskamani, the External Affairs Manager at Planned Parenthood of Greater Orlando.  It is always Great to Have Anna on the Show. She is a great friend and also a fantastic role model for women, and activist for women’s rights, and a community representative.  She has been the face in the news, on the covers of zines, and the voice of Feminism,  Democratic Women, and advocacy groups that support women’s rights. It was great to spend a few minutes with her.

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends airs each Monday at 12 noon on 1060 WMEL, the Talk to Me Station. WMEL recently expanded its listening audience from North Daytona to East Orlando, and as far south as North West Palm Beach.  Our sponsors have been loyal followers and supporters of our guests and Non – Profit agencies. We focus on our community, women’s rights, education, and the people who activate to make a difference every day.

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