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Dr Rushnak Segment for the Medicare for ALL March

7.3.17   Dr Michael Rushnak

From Dr Rushnak’s Facebook page:

Single payer -improved Medicare for all is easy to explain. The federal government would pay for the necessary healthcare of every American that will be determined by their doctors. The government will be the single payer of all the doctor bills, hospital bills and drug bills just as they are the single payer of endless wars and tax cuts for billionaires. The improved Medicare for All part is equally easy to understand–selected physicians, nurses, and public health experts would meet and design a preventive–wellness-healthcare system to improve the overall health outcomes of all Americans. Doctors and hospital would remain private as they are now–they not NOT employees of government. Recall that this is a healthcare professional run healthcare system. Government pays the bills based on taxpayer money, However since they not raise txes for wars of tax cuts for billionaires where they just print more money, they would do to same to pay healthcare costs.

Therefore Government would be the single payer of all medical, dental, vision, and mental illness care and healthcare professionals would run the healthcare system from cradle to grave. Politicians and insurance companies would have e no role.to play other to approve the funding just as they always do to support endless wars and massive tax cuts for the top 1% oligarchs,

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