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First Wave Financial – Tom Kirk, Board of Directors and President, Laura Chiesman


Great conversation about MONEY! First Wave Financial located in Satellite Beach FL is a full service, independent, financial advisers.   We spoke about  Tom Kirk’s book, “Are you worried about Your Money” Available on Amazon.com

Are you tired of making financial decisions and hoping they work out for you? Inside this book you’ll find steps and checklists to help you transform the complexities wealth brings into confidence about your financial future: identify what is important about money to you, clarify your goals, identify risks and strategies, prioritize and implement, monitor your progress, update your plan, take control of your financial destiny, and enjoy your life with less worry about your money. What if instead of making decisions out of fear or greed, they were based on knowing how they contributed to the financial future you desire? What if these decisions were flexible and could be adjusted to respond to changes in the market and your life? What if you were able to watch and listen to the financial news for its entertainment value and not for its purported wisdom? What if you confidently knew you were on course to achieve your financial and life goals? This can be your reality!

Hometown people who want to see you succeed. Listen in to the podcast!

Tom Kirk, Chairman of Board of Directors, Founder and WealthCoach

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Personal Financial Specialist
  • Florida Insurance License 2-15

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS  FirstWave Financial™, Founder and WealthCoach

  • Creator of The WealthCare Solution™ and The Retirement Plan Optimizer™
  • Transforms the complexity that wealth brings into simplicity and confidence for clients

Laura Chiesman, President & WealthCoach


  • Florida Insurance License 2-15

CAREER HIGHLIGHTS   FirstWave Financial™

  • Provides financial strategies and solutions; leads team to provide clients with prompt attention to their individual financial needs with knowledgeable and timely assistance on an individualized basis

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