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Forget Me Not, Senior Advocates and Cura Oceanus Foundation

December 22, 2014

Forget Me Not Senior Advocates were our guests today on Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends on 1300 WMEL and 1300WMEL.com worldwide. These caring owners: Sherri Garofalo, Gail Farmer and Denise LeBlanc have over 85 years combined experience in Senior Care, as health care professionals and social work.  They will describe why they started the company, how to reach them and utilize their resources.  The second half of the interview is with Cura Oceanus Foundation, and the Founder Ahmed Abdelkhalek, his research and his passion for cleaning up our waters.

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends airs each Monday on 1300 WMEL, The Talk to Me Station in Cocoa Florida at the Noon to 1 pm hour.  We talk about politics, community affairs, education and entertainment in Brevard County, Nationwide and Internationally.  Each week we  have a guest that gives us more education about how we can get involved, heal ourselves or educate our families on what matters.   Tune in!

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