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Francis D DeMuro, Candidate for Brevard County Court Judge and Lt. Keith Schneider, Author of “To Guard My Every Neighbor; Inside the Fire”

June 6, 2016

 Viewpoints With Seeta and Friends. on AM 1060 WMEL June 6th at 12 noon until 1pm. Two segments ~ Francis D. DeMuro for Brevard County Court Judge , Candidate for Brevard County Court Judge Group 2 will be joining us to speak about his campaign and tell us why he is the most qualified candidate for a county judge ,with over thirty years of legal experience, I would say ,he is.~

We will also be discussing a great book ~ Keith Schneider aka~ Lt. Keith’s Schneider’s new book, ‘To Guard My Every Neighbor: Inside the Fire”, to raise awareness to PTSD in first responders.We will hear about some of the common misconceptions about being a fireman,and so much more.I will be joined by Daria Anne DiGiovanni So excited~Ellen Onieal Little my co host~will be missed , she is on another assignment.Please tune in online, on the radio or down load our show~Linda Batch Meeuwenberg my dear friend, will be cohosting today

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