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Healthcare for All; Pat LaMarche, Dr Michael Rushnak and Eli Logan

July 3rd, 2017

July 3rd will be a great show. Tune in to Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends at 1pm EST on AM 1510 WMEL, Live streamed on www.1510WMEL.com or on the 3 sister stations of the Talk to Me Network FM 94.7, 99.9 and 100.7

Be a part of the discussion about Healthcare. If you listen each week, you know Healthcare for all is one of the topics mentioned almost on every show. We believe that Healthcare is a Right, not a priveledge.

All around the United States, citizens are gathering to rally for Healthcare for all. What that looks like? The ultimate is that no person should be denied healthcare; should have access to Well care and Medicine; and the insurance business needs reform.

We will be joined by 3 folks who are passionate about this topic. In our first segment, our call in guest, Pat LaMarche will be joining us. She is an American political figure and activist with the Green Party; she was the party’s vice-presidential candidate in the 2004 U.S. presidential election,and was one of seven co-chairs of the party’s national committee.

In our second segment, Dr Michael Rushnak will be joining us. After a lifetime of experiences as a physician, Michael returned to his passion for writing medical mystery thriller novels about important topics that affect our everyday lives. He currently is supporting the Healthcare for all Rally in New Jersey.

Our in studio guest will be Eli Logan. She is the immediate past President of Speak Out Brevard; an organization of volunteer citizens to improve and harness the power that is within the people of this great country. Speak Out Brevard’s mission is to work with local community members to create social awareness regarding civil liberties, education and the environment through activism, and to promote equality and social justice.

The conversation will be passionate; the topic will make you think; and hopefully the conversation will empower you to take action, no matter where you are in the country, or the world. Tune in Monday at 1pm on AM 1510 WMEL to be a part of the discussion!

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