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Hillary Clinton Campaign and Anna Eskermani with Denise Gore

September 26, 2016

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends will be hosting (along with our many Hillary Clinton supporters) 2 dynamic segments on Monday September 26th. The show is on AM 1060 WMEL from 1pm to 2pm – and you can listen live or online! We will share the podcast after the show onwww.seetamedia.com

Our first segment is with the folks from the Hillary Campaign in Florida. We will talk about a few of the issues – it is only an hour show, and certainly answer any questions that YOU have – you can ask them here on FB.

We will also be joined by Anna Eskermani, whom we have had on the show before. She is a dynamic young woman, also in support of Hillary Clinton and womens rights, feminism, and activism. We love having her on the show.

Tune in! And ask questions here for the show. We will make sure we ask them, or get you the answers!!

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