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Human Trafficking – How do We stop it? Zonta Club Rocks

October 12th, 2015

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends for the first time is pre-recorded for our Monday date! The topic for this show is Human Trafficking.  Do you know the signs to look for?

I remember a friend telling me about children going door to door selling magazines and how “pushy” they were. She was upset about the fact that they were so persistent after she had repeatedly said No to their requests. Something was wrong, as I remember her telling me the story. What is a 12 year old doing on South Tropical trail – no place for a parent to park – certainly no place for a child to be riding a bike. They were children who were being trafficked. The story hit the news a few weeks later.

Florida is among states affected by human trafficking. Although no state is left unscathed – because of our tourism and many immigrants with different cultures – many times the crime goes unnoticed and certainly unreported.

The Zonta Club in Melbourne is a great organization – along with Sheriff Ivey and other city officials, we are trying to put a stop to this awful crime. People are NOT property.

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends airs each Monday at 12 noon on 1060 WMEL, the Talk to Me Station. WMEL recently expanded its listening audience from North Daytona to East Orlando, and as far south as North West Palm Beach.  Our sponsors have been loyal followers and supporters of our guests and Non – Profit agencies. We focus on our community, women’s rights, education, and the people who activate to make a difference every day.

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