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James J Milucky – FAS Accounting Services and Brevard Brass

February 22, 2016

James Milucky is a Certified Public Accountant with a full service accounting services.

Accounting issues are often complex and require a balance of technical skills, the ability to explain the process and conclusions for the non-technical jury, opposing counsel and trier of fact.

Today the term ‘FORENSIC’ means meeting the exacting standards of a court of law, thus; forensic accounting is the process of financial analysis within a legal context. Scrutiny of financial records and expert testimony is the backbone of FORENSIC ACCOUNTING SERVICES, Inc. Whether this process is used in mediation, contract disputes, business losses, divorce or any situation with financial conflict or anticipated litigation FAS and James J. Milucky, MAc CrFA CFE CPA — your source for forensic investigative accounting, litigation support, general accounting services, and taxation.

In Jim’s spare time he loves to play and perform music. Brevard Brass is  a labor of love for the community of Brevard. Brevard Brass has played at many non- profit and local activities. Listen to get in touch with Brevard Brass and to find out more about how to get involved.


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