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Katie, Candy’s House, and Tony McAleer


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

My Christmas day day show can be heard at 1PM until 2PM on AM 1510 WWBC FM 94.7 FM 99.9 and FM 100.7….. ~1510wwbc.com ~we spoke with Life After Hate Executive director Tiny McAcleer..we spoke about life’ spiritual journey and transformation to leave hate behind…Tony was a former organizer for the White Aryan Resistance.He is spreading a message of kindness/love/compassion/respect as a motivational speaker and principal of McAleer &Associates Wealth management…https://www.lifeafterhate.org/ .I had my friend, Kenneth Hjortsberg in Studio with beautiful Katie singing Christmas carols..and Kandy from Kandy’s house assisted living~she spoke about services offered in a loving/safe atmosphere at her assisted living home~

Tony McAleer  is on at about 27 minutes into the podcast. 

Katie Starts and Ends the show

Candy is on about 10 minutes into the show!

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