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Lindsey Sharpe, PA and Rabbi Patricia Hickman

Another action packed show on Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends March 27th from 1pm to 2pm on AM 1510 WMEL.

Lindsey Sharpe, PA a local family attorney who specializes in helping family’s transition through the pain of divorce. She is an expert in co parenting, negotiations, and family law.

Rabbi Patricia Hickman will also be joining us. We have lots to talk about – mostly the Jewish understanding of the issues of Immigration, refugees, racial injustice and how we can approach the anti-Semitism that has sprung up.

Join us at 1pm on Monday. AM 1510 WMEL and 3 FM stations – 94.7, 99.9, and 100.7. You can listen online – and if you happpen to miss us – the pocast will be on www.seetamediainc.com and iTunes.

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