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Making a Change in the World

2N4A9582You know, its never been about fame and fortune for me.  I am a proud Wife, Mother, Friend, Aunt, Sister, LPN, Activist, Supporter, Employee, Community Contributor and Citizen.  I can never get enough of spreading the word to my community and my nation about how we all need to get involved, make a difference and educate ourselves.

I ran for a School Board Seat in Brevard County in 2008 because I wanted to make a difference.  I didn’t win, but I learned so much about our community and I continue to support the school systems.  I am so encouraged by all of the great friends, colleagues and acquaintances that support me; and that allow me to encourage them.

My book “Eighteen Brothers and Sisters” was  burning inside of me. I knew that by getting my story out,  I would be able to touch people and create a platform for many issues.  I have had many opportunities to speak to groups about my book; and so many times I get  “Thank you for sharing your story about Domestic Violence”, and then other times “Wow, you are spreading the word about education and taking control of your life”.  Both issues are very near and dear to my heart.   I want people to have hope, to have a dream of something better for themselves-whether they are struggling with abuse and how to take control of their lives- or if they just have a burning desire to contribute.

My radio show came out of a need for more of a consistent public platform.  I am on every Monday from 1pm – 2pm, on WWBC 1510.  In addition to our 50,000 watt AM signal WMEL Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends will also be heard on the FM frequencies ..94.7…99.9…and 100.7. Introducing… Brevard’s very own Talk To Me Network! Tune in to AM 1510! FM 94.7, 99.9 and/or 100.7! Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends, is a balanced, kitchen table topics platform where our guests can feel safe about talking about issues affecting their communities, their families and their country.  All we try to do is encourage people to educate themselves and make a stand for what you believe in, what can help your community and leave a legacy in this world.  No excuses, you can and you DO make a difference! 

I would love to have you on my team! To help you find a voice in the world’s or your own chaos. To help you find your own personal way to contribute.  To help you make a difference in this world.  Please check out my other pages!