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Maria Puzino and Jacqueline Chandler, I am P.R.O.O.F

May 18, 2015
Maria Puzino is the mother of 7 boys- entrepreneurs that own the 3 locations of Puzino’s Pizza. She talks about how as a mom, her techniques of love and understanding helped her to raise her sons and also how taking care of herself was just as important, if not, more important! Great casual conversation that can help any family and more importantly empower women to be all that you want to be!

Jacqueline Chandler, MA HR, MA PA is the founder of I AM PROOF® It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization which offers a unique mentoring program geared towards boys ages 11 through 18. It is structured to give pre-teens and young men the opportunity to discover a sense of self through education, training and volunteerism, while developing future leaders.The program is free to all students and is presented twice per calendar year with intermediate follow up sessions. A graduation ceremony celebrates and acknowledges their accomplishments and allows them to proceed to the next age level of training. The current process continues through graduation from High School and utilizes the older graduates mentoring the younger students along the way. The personal, professional and financial information they receive during these critical teenage years, serve to develop these young men into the successful adults they will become.

I AM PROOF® provides guidance which addresses the emotional, cultural and spiritual needs during the critical development stages for this age range. The program focuses on building essential life skills that will produce strong, intelligent, inspired young men.
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