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Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense, The Homeless Teacher, and Brevard Renaissance Fair

January 16, 2017

Awesome show today on Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends on January 16, 2017 Martin Luther King day! The guests are empowering, entertaining, and fun!

Cheryl Anderson, the media relations from Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense. http://momsdemandaction.org/about/ Moms Demand Action was founded by stay-at-home mom Shannon Watts on December 15, 2012, in response to the devastating shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The organization quickly flourished into a leading force for gun violence prevention, with chapters in all 50 states and a powerful grassroots network of moms that has successfully effected change at the local, state and national level. In December 2013, Moms Demand Action partnered with Mayors Against Illegal Guns to unite a nationwide movement of millions of Americans working together to change the game and end the epidemic of gun violence that affects every community.

Our Second Guest: Homeless Teacher, Tom Rebman – Homeless and Hungry Teacher, http://homeless-hungry.org/  “Homeless and Hungry, Inc. was organically born in July 2014 from overwhelming Facebook support of a Summer Reading Program I developed. I was teaching at a highly impoverished school and wanted a way to keep my Middle School Students reading and writing over the Summer. To accomplish this, I decided to go voluntarily homeless for 30 days on the streets of Orlando and blog about it on Facebook. I figured my students would learn empathy for the homeless and at the same time read and write about my experiences. Unexpectedly, in the first 10 days of my project over 120,000 people were viewing my posts! The decision to go voluntarily homeless changed my life forever. As a result of my journey, I learned that homelessness is a complex problem and very few people know the accurate facts about the issue. I completed an extensive review of every piece of available research, and what I discovered is shocking! This knowledge has now prompted me to become a full time “Homelessness Educator”. I believe public awareness and empathy for citizens who are homeless are the keys to solving the problem”  Connect with him and support his crusade! https://www.facebook.com/homelessteacher/

Our final guest, is something right here in Brevard !  Anthony Derivi, from the Brevard Renaissance Fair http://brevardrenaissancefair.com/  Prepare to step back in time to a simpler way of life and the festival atmosphere of a charming Olde World Faire.This year we explore the historical work of Le Morte D’Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory. Within the lush, tree-filled Shire of Wickham, we will re-create the legend, the myth, the history of King Arthur. A tale of romance, chivalry and betrayal, laden with whimsical characters from lore and legend thrown in for your entertainment pleasure. The age of romance, chivalry and adventure will be recreated among the wonders of nature in this idyllic Brevard County setting.  You are especially fortunate if you have brought your imagination, good humor and sense of participation to the Faire. You will be able to shop, eat and revel with a cast of colorfully costumed, exotic and intriguing characters. Catch a glimpse of times past (or possibly a unicorn or fairy), and lose yourself in the Olde World of Medieval Europe.  Connect on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/brevardrenaissancefair/

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