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Mr Lewis H Cohen, TruBlu Politics & Michele Campanelli, Local Celebrity

April 24,  2017

Terrific show today with my friend singer/author UCF student /volunteer with the Brevard Symphony Orchestra and best selling author Michele Campanelli. Her new book should be out soon, and this dynamic lady is setting the world on fire!

Thank you Mr Lewis H. CohenDemocratic strategist for calling in and sharing your vision with us on how to move our nation forward without fear.  www.trublupolitics.com  “We are a group of progressive professionals with decades of experience working with political- and issues-based campaigns. At TruBlu, we know that elections matter and we’re passionate about our work and clients because we are on the frontlines of political and social change. Each election cycle is a chance to move the ball forward, and we’re dedicated to ensuring our clients are positioned to succeed at the ballot box”.

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