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Nicholas Ryan Purcell, NRP Videos and Amy Tidd, Campaigning for State Senate District 17

September 5, 2016

Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends is international AND local on Monday September 5th 2016 at 1pm on AM 1060 WMEL!

amy tidd and seeta beguiMy friend Amy Tidd joins us to talk about her campaign for State Senate District 17. She will tell us why she is the most Qualified Candidate! She will speak about the economy, healthcare, and what makes her different than her opponent. You’ll want to tune in to hear this very dynamic and energetic woman speak – then you can make the best decision in November!

Another great guest will join us from Ireland. Nic Ryan Purcell is an award winning, very accomplished videographer and documentary filmmaker. He specializes in creating unique messages for campaigns; powerful exposure in documentaries; and capturing the essence of today’s world while delivering impactful creativity and nostalgia.

Join us in Monday September 5th at 1pm on AM 1060 WMEL and worldwide on www.1060wmel.com for an entertaining, educational, and inspiring show!

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