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Paula Boadwell, ThinkBroader.org and Gary Shiffrin, Activist, Retired School Administrator

April 3, 2017

Two amazing guests will join us tomorrow Monday April 3rd on Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends at 1pm EST on AM 1510 WMEL.

Our call in guest is Paula Broadwell with ThinkBroader.org. Paula is an amazing person, journalist, retired military, and world traveler. She founded Thinkbroader.org to shed light on the improper depiction of women, successful women, who should be getting positive attention and accolades for the work that they do. ThinkBroader.org ‘s mission:
To use the media as a tool to promote authentic and empowered lives free from social stigmas brought about by both conscious and unconscious bias.

Our second guest, Gary Shiffrin – whose career in the Brevard County education system spanned 42 years – he coached a variety of sports and was the Cape Coast Conference Commissioner for 22 years. We will have some robust kitchen table topics together! We discussed the public school system, some of the ideaology that is being presented by Ms. DeVoss as the secretary of Education, and how bleak the future of Public Schools will be if we are not informed about where tax dollars and funding are being appropriated.

Tune in 1pm to 2pm on AM 1510 WMEL or FM 94.7, 99.9 and 100.7.

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