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Paula J Caplan, Author, Playwright, Advocate joins Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends

March 13, 2017

We are  delighted to have Britt Kennerly ,Deputy Public Opinion Editor-Columnist at Florida Today , on my show today co hosting on AM 1510 WMEL Viewpoints With Seeta and Friends. with a fabulous guest call in Paula Joan Caplan~ Award winning Nonfiction Author & Playwright – Scholar – Advocate/activist – Speaker – Actor~ topics include Myths are Used to Justify Depriving People Diagnosed as Mentally Ill of Their Human Rights” and “The Naked Emperor and the Vanishing Veteran.” ~~`You can listen to it on http://1510wmel.com/home ~~~http://www.paulajcaplan.net/ Please tune in to http://1510wmel. As you all know we are on FM FM 94.7 FM 99.9, FM 100.7 and AM1510 wmel ~ ~ All shows can be found on iTunes and http://www.seetamediainc.com/


Britt Kennerly joined us as a co-host on this show. Great to have Britt join us!

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