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Peter Moolhuizen Brevard Renaissance Fair and Sladye Kerner, Crafting Education

January 25th, 2016

Meet the next dynamic Entrepreneur! Slayde Kermer!  An amazing young man, we were lucky enough to have on our show, Viewpoint with Seeta and Friends. This 14 year old has his own company, his own “board”, and his vision as to how he is going to reshape education. His vision is to continue to train leaders, expand the technology, and invite other school districts to participate.  You can read more on www.craftingeducation.com

We also had Peter Moolhuizen on the show. This local philanthropist, educator, and creator is bringing (has brought) the amazing Brevard Renaissance Fair to Wickham Park. You will love the “step back in time”, how they have changed Wickham Park into the Knights of the Round Table. You can get your tickets at the gate or BrevardRenaissancefair.com

A little bit about the fair, from the website:

Prepare to step back in time to a simpler way of life and the festival atmosphere of a charming Olde World Faire day in Renaissance Europe.

From the glories of William the Conqueror through the Golden Age of the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and beyond. When armored knights traveled the countryside competing for fortune and fame, these festivals were a time of celebration, revelry and merriment throughout the countryside.

The lush, tree-filled Shire of Wickham will be a re-creation of a late 14th Century European Tournament and Market Faire. Think Canterbury Tales a Knights Tale laden with whimsical characters from lore and legend thrown in for your entertainment pleasure. The age of romance, chivalry and adventure will be recreated among the wonders of nature in this idyllic Brevard County setting.

You are especially fortunate if you have brought your imagination, good humor and sense of participation to the Faire. You will be able to shop, eat and revel with a cast of colorfully costumed, exotic and intriguing characters. Catch a glimpse of times past (or possibly a unicorn or fairy), and lose yourself in the Olde World of Medieval– Renaissance Europe.

You will cheer your champion knight at the Joust Arena. Feast like a King on a cornucopia of hearty food and drink a plenty. Delight in the antics of street performers. Come hear musicians playing authentic period instruments. Watch demonstrations of the time-honored arts of weaving, coin minting, spinning, sculpting, glass blowing, tinsmithing, blacksmithing, and leather crafting. You will discover an enchanted place where Fairy-tales become flesh and fantasy, take flight but BEWARE the Dragon!

Come Ye, Good People of the Realm and Celebrate this most Pleasurable Event! Come, all ye knights and damsels, to a celebration of the Renaissance! The presentation of this historical era in an enjoyable, educational and safe environment makes it a sure bet for family entertainment. A Finer Tyme has never been had! HUZZAH!

A little bit about Slayde and the upcoming Gala from the website:

Crafting Education Academy is a science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) Academy with an innovative method of developing leadership skills for students in Brevard County. Crafting Education Academy is designed to be focused on the individual student to create an interactive, inspiring environment for creative thinking and collaborative work using various digital media. While under the supervision of instructors, select students develop the skills to become group leaders. The leaders take on the responsibility to assist in instruction, design programs, and contribute to the learning of others. This is a proven methodology in which students learn easier from role models, succeed higher, develop business skills and aspire to become the next entrepreneur.

You are cordially invited to share in the momentous festivity on Saturday, January 30th, 2016. This is the inaugural year of CraftingEducation Academy’s signature fundraising event to launch the Grand Opening with an entertaining evening filled with live music, dancing,select hors d’oeuvres, and a guest speaker. We invite you to engage in this sensational gala that includes a silent auction, 50/50 raffle and a special game to win a golf cart! As the primary fundraiser for the STEM academy, your support is particularly indispensable. Delightful enjoyment await you at The Tradewinds Restaurant at the Duran Golf Club.

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