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Serene Harbor and Nicholas Ryan-Purcell, “Against All Odds”

February 13, 2017

Great show today! Nicholas Ryan-Purcell is a young writer and director who produced the Documentary “Against All Odds” a great story about Lord Byron, a Racehorce, that defeated all odds and became a champion.  He is looking for a U.S Producer who would like to make “Against All Odds” into a movie in the U.S. He has won


Other chanmpions on todays show were Wendy Fisher, an attorney who works with and for Serene Harbor victims and Cristina Lanken, Program Director of Serene Harbor.  Serene Harbor is Melbourne FL domestic abuse shelter. A wonderful organization who protects victims, families, and their pets from the abuse that is happening in their lives. Today we talk about the IFP program – Injunction Family Protection which is funded by a grant awarded to Serene Harbor to have Wendy Fisher, Attorney provide more representation and protection for victims of domestic violene.

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